TransportTo move around the country more comfortable and more likely on a plane, the cheapest — by train (long distance) or by bus (for short). As a first class ticket on the train sometimes is a bit cheaper than a ticket to the same point, it is wiser to go second class with air conditioning. These cars come in two types: for 4 and 6 people in the compartment.

The bus network in India is better developed than ours. Their transport companies and a large number of private bus companies in every state. Public buses are divided by classes: passenger, deluxe, deluxe, ‘high-tech bass «,» Air kondyshn «(AS),» sliper bass. » In «sliper bass» (sleeper) seat instead of shelves made of two layers. Passengers traveling press as the total car. This is useful for long night trips, for example, Goa — Bangalore. All types of public buses are quite suitable for travel: the only difference in comfort and vartosti.Za speed buses are divided into urban and suburban, ordinary flight, with limited stops (limited stops), poluekspressy, express and super express trains, finally, a «super Interstate Express. » The differences between them lie mainly in the number of stops. Having gone to the Express, you can almost afraid that the driver decides to give a little hook on the way to the village to their relatives and to the bus have to wait for it. However, even the fastest buses every 2-3 hours making a stop at roadside parks where there is at least a cafe and toilets. In public buses is always a conductor. On a stopover ticket you can buy it. He tells a stop and give the right advice.

Taxis are easily distinguished by the special yellow and black color. With a driver must bargain about the price and make it better before shipping. Going on a long trip, it is better to know the approximate value of the property as «over the counter» in India go ridko.Moto and rickshaws are common, they can hire as well as taxis. Motorikshi — exotic, convenient and fast way to get around the city. It costs about twice less than a taxi.

Please be aware that the Indian Railways is the official quota for foreign tourists. At the main train stations in major cities and international airports have separate «windows» or even space for ticket sales to foreigners (usually USD, and give a deposit in rupees). If tourists want to ride the train is quite cheap, you can take «sliper class» (without air conditioning), but be sure to «lying» place. There will be a lot of excitement.

In the countryside trips taxi drivers sometimes do not bring passengers to where he asked, and then require additional payment for fixing his own «errors.» A simple solution to such a problem record number of cars promise to contact the owner of the company or the police. After this procedure, the driver usually becomes much more honest and affection. In no case should be allowed to taxi driver to pick up passengers along the way.

Pedicabs are only suitable for small trips: speed is small, no amenities — no uphill haul, we have to get out and go along. Take the same on a rickshaw together — then commit a crime against humanity.

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