Foreign Exchange

Foreign ExchangeParticipants may carry with them sufficient amount of foreign currency, travellers’ cheques preferably in US dollars / Euro / British pounds, in order to meet their personal expenses. The current exchange rate is approx. Rs. 55/- to one US dollar.

Participants may be required to declare the amount of travellers’ cheques or currency in their possession on arrival at the Airport, if it exceeds certain prescribed limit as per Customs regulations.

Exchange facilities are available at the Airport after Customs area, at various Banks and at the forum venue etc. within the city.

Money. You can change money at the airport, the bank or certified exchange points (you need a passport). When exchanging best to take receipt — this will work out, if necessary, reverse exchange of money leaving the country (but not more than 25% of the officially exchanged amount). Best to bring dollars or euros, the currency of other countries did not change at all banks, and if it is changed, then the less favorable rate. Banks are usually on weekdays from 10:00 to 14:00, Saturday — 10:00 to 12:00. Cashed travelers checks can only be in the big banks, preferably checks «Thomas Cook» and «American Express». Credit cards have limited circulation — only in the capital and in major resort areas. In the mountainous areas of the province and pay them (and often — and foreign exchange) is practically impossible.

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