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Social Program

Cultural Evening with Gala Dinner will be organized at (1) Date: 16.10.2021

   (1)     Date: 16.10.2021
             Venue: Hotel The Ashok, New Delhi
   (2)   Date: 17.10.2021
            Venue: Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi
    (3)   Date: 18.10.2021
             Venue: Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

Cultural Evenings

The cultural evening will be organised along with Gala Dinner. The cultural evening will be presented by various troops of Indian classical dancers, literally called Natyasastra. The Natyasastra is the science of music, dance and drama.

Day I
Day II

The theme of the cultural programme will be Rajasthani Village. India is a rich heritage of culture. Rajasthan is a diverse state. There is an effortless conglomeration of ethnicity and Urbanization. Rise out of Golden sands, where the blazing sun creates illusions of shimmering lakes on the arid expanse, sand-dunes stand in eerie silence and sand storms rage occasionally, romance of the Desert yet overwhelms. Life vibrates to the sound of music and sways in a profusion of colours. It is known for its traditional hospitality, proud heritage and captivating grandeur, intense people, gaiety, colour, Majestic monuments, prosperous villages, vigorous folk dances, Music, Traditional dresses and mouth watering cuisines. The highlights of the cultural evening are as below:

Folk Bazar :

a. With puppet show
b. Mehendiwali,
c. Parrot Astrologer,
d. Magician,
e. Handicrafts.
f. (who will sell his bangles).
g. Zari Bags etc

Dances of India with Live Music :

1. Kathak
2. Goomer
3. Garba
4. Stick,
5. Bhavai.
6. Dhol Cholam
7. Bhangara

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